Oregon: Trillium Lake and Mt Hood (2012)

In October 2012, we decided to head to Trillium Lake and Mt Hood. When we left Hillsboro, it looked like we might have a chance to see Mt Hood from Trillium Lake. Unfortunately, the weather changed by the time we arrived, and Mt Hood was blanketed in clouds. Trillium Lake Every trip we took to … Continue reading Oregon: Trillium Lake and Mt Hood (2012)

2019: My #5 photo from 2019

As mentioned previously, I'm counting down my top 10 photos from Instagram in 2019. Here's #5! Photo #5 The backstory Just when you thought I had run out of Oregon photos, there's one more! This is Mt Hood from Trillium Lake. While living in the Portland area, we never successfully made it to Trillium Lake … Continue reading 2019: My #5 photo from 2019

Oregon: Cook’s Chasm

In our last post, Oregon: Devil’s Churn, we headed out to the area north of Florence to visit Devil's Churn and Cook's Chasm. There were so many pictures, we decided to do two posts. After we left Devil's Churn, we headed south about a mile, directly to the Cook's Chasm parking lot. This attraction in the … Continue reading Oregon: Cook’s Chasm

Oregon: Devil’s Churn

On Saturday, we headed out to two of my favorite places on the central Oregon coast: Devil's Churn and Thor's Well. We could easily spend all day at just one of those locations, happily shooting photos and video, but we did actually make it back home at a reasonable hour. 🙂 Both locations are in … Continue reading Oregon: Devil’s Churn

Oregon: Mt Hood and Trillium Lake

People always talk about bucket list items. I have two buckets lists, one for "normal" things and experiences, and one for photography. For several years, one of the top 5 photos on the photography bucket list was this photo: the reflection of Mt Hood in Trillium Lake on a beautiful day with minimal clouds and … Continue reading Oregon: Mt Hood and Trillium Lake