Georgia: Daytime in Atlanta

Having done the Nighttime in Atlanta post, of course I have to follow up with photos from the daytime. Now that I'm back home, these views were from the Hyatt Regency in downtown Atlanta. From the 14th floor From the street level But wait, there's more. I also took some photos of the buildings from … Continue reading Georgia: Daytime in Atlanta

Arizona: Desert Botanical Garden

A friend we made at the xScapers convergence in Deming, NM is in the Phoenix area until the end of the year and had never seen the Desert Botanical Garden. We offered her one of our guest passes, and she joined us on Friday morning. Despite not living in or around the Phoenix area, we … Continue reading Arizona: Desert Botanical Garden

Oregon: Mt Hood and Trillium Lake

People always talk about bucket list items. I have two buckets lists, one for "normal" things and experiences, and one for photography. For several years, one of the top 5 photos on the photography bucket list was this photo: the reflection of Mt Hood in Trillium Lake on a beautiful day with minimal clouds and … Continue reading Oregon: Mt Hood and Trillium Lake