Oregon: Mt Hood and Trillium Lake

People always talk about bucket list items. I have two buckets lists, one for “normal” things and experiences, and one for photography. For several years, one of the top 5 photos on the photography bucket list was this photo: the reflection of Mt Hood in Trillium Lake on a beautiful day with minimal clouds and sun.

Mt Hood’s reflection in Trillium Lake.

Mission accomplished.

However, in such a beautiful setting, there is no way I’m not going to take as many photos as I can while I enjoy the setting and the beautiful weather.

When we first arrived, we were one of a couple vehicles in the parking lot. As we were taking photos, the people started arriving. The news was out – it was a perfect day to kayak and fish.

People fishing in a boat in the background and a couple with their dogs in a kayak in the foreground.

I wasn’t just awestruck by the mountain and the lake, but all the green too. Having lived in Oregon for over 3 decades, I was used to the green all around me. Five years in Arizona changes your perspective. The Mt Hood National Forest is stunning.

By the time we left the Trillium Lake Campground, the parking lot was full and vultures were circling as we pulled out of our spot.

As a side note, the last time we went to Trillium Lake, it didn’t cost anything to go down to the campground and park. That has changed. It’s a $5 entry fee, cash only, or free with the NW Forest Pass. Unfortunately, because we entered through the Still Creek road, we did not see the “Recreation Pass Required” sign at the entrance to the campground. Carry cash, or get the NW Forest Pass if you’ll be going to more than one national forest in Oregon and Washington with day use fees.

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