Oregon: Trillium Lake and Mt Hood (2012)

In October 2012, we decided to head to Trillium Lake and Mt Hood. When we left Hillsboro, it looked like we might have a chance to see Mt Hood from Trillium Lake. Unfortunately, the weather changed by the time we arrived, and Mt Hood was blanketed in clouds. Trillium Lake Every trip we took to … Continue reading Oregon: Trillium Lake and Mt Hood (2012)

Oregon: Oneonta Gorge (2013)

Along the Historic Columbia River highway, there's a waterfall that doesn't see a lot of traffic. The Oneonta Falls is behind large rocks and logjams, so it takes someone willing to go in waist deep water. And probably someone without super expensive and fragile camera equipment. While we won't clamber over rocks and logs, there's … Continue reading Oregon: Oneonta Gorge (2013)

Oregon: Google+ Photowalk (2012)

On a cold, rainy, and dreary day in January 2012, I joined a group of photographers at Portland's Union Station to do a photowalk. Brian Matiash, then with Google Plus, organized and led the photowalk. Brian is an inspiring travel and landscape photographer and now has a photography podcast called the No Name Photo Show. … Continue reading Oregon: Google+ Photowalk (2012)

Oregon: Craig Morgan in concert (2011)

In 2011, one of the local radio stations in the Portland, OR area held a day-long concert at the Rose Festival. There were several acts, but the only reason we went to the concert was for Craig Morgan. I've always loved photographing concerts, but it's not a focus for me. It got harder and harder … Continue reading Oregon: Craig Morgan in concert (2011)

Oregon: Portland views from the 23rd floor

Today was day 1 of the LavaCon Content Strategy conference, and my opportunity to get some scenic views from the 23rd floor of the Portland Hilton. The Skyline II room is aptly named - you have windows on three sides of the room. Since the day was beautiful (blue skies, sunny), the views were stunning. … Continue reading Oregon: Portland views from the 23rd floor

Oregon: Travel day to Portland

I had a very early morning flight (6:40 a.m.) flight out of Albuquerque with my good friend Roger. Since I knew we'd be in Albuquerque right before LavaCon, it was easier to choose the same flights he already had booked. Our first flight headed to Las Vegas, with an almost 2 hour layover. Once we … Continue reading Oregon: Travel day to Portland

New Mexico: Heading to the LavaCon conference

Today I'm headed to Portland, Oregon to be the official photographer at the LavaCon Content Strategy conference. Last year, I photographed the conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. My conference photos are usually not posted on this website, but are displayed in my gallery and used throughout the year on social media platforms. I'll have very … Continue reading New Mexico: Heading to the LavaCon conference

Oregon: Downtown Portland

I needed to head into downtown Portland for an appointment, so I took my camera with me, with only my 24mm 1.8 lens. As soon as I stepped off the MAX train at Pioneer Courthouse Square, it was apparent they were set up for an event: the Festival of Flowers. The festival has been going … Continue reading Oregon: Downtown Portland