Louisiana: On our way to New Orleans

I've been to New Orleans once before, but we have never been to Louisiana with the RV. Time to rectify that! Before we left BrownsvilleWe planned on leaving Saturday morning. In the week prior to our departure, SpaceX "double stacked" the booster and the starship. Rumors were that SpaceX was planning to uncouple the double … Continue reading Louisiana: On our way to New Orleans

Texas: Roadside wildflowers

Since we didn't find the fields of wildflowers we were looking for in or around Fredericksburg, we decided to hunt down roadside wildflowers. Note, all photos in this post were taken with the Jeep parked safely off the road in marked parking areas. We didn't intrude on private property or park our Jeep on dry … Continue reading Texas: Roadside wildflowers

Texas: It’s all in the details (in Fredericksburg)

We've been searching for fields of wildflowers, because we've only been finding patches here and there. The areas west of Austin (Fredericksburg, Burnet, Kingsland, Marble Falls, etcetera) are all supposed to be cool places to find not just bluebonnets, but gobs and gobs of wildflowers. Apparently, even though they are blooming, it's not quite "peak … Continue reading Texas: It’s all in the details (in Fredericksburg)

Texas: RV park reservation pet peeves

As I start making reservations for future RV trips, I remember my pet peeves when dealing with RV park websites. I've listed them below in no particular order: No contact form: This is when the only contact method is via a phone call. Wrong or right, I often associate this with a mom and pop … Continue reading Texas: RV park reservation pet peeves

Texas: Caprock Canyons State Park (2020)

Caprock Canyons State Park is less than a 2 hour drive from Amarillo, so we headed there to check out the views and the bison. This post is focused on the views and the landscape. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department requires advance reservations, even for pass holders like us, so we made a reservation … Continue reading Texas: Caprock Canyons State Park (2020)

Texas: Palo Duro Canyon State Park (2020)

Known as the Grand Canyon of Texas, Palo Duro Canyon State Park is the second largest canyon in the United States. There's plenty for the visitor to do here, including hiking, biking, and equestrian trails. Unfortunately, our mid-morning arrival meant that it was too hot to do any trails. The Texas Park and Wildlife Department … Continue reading Texas: Palo Duro Canyon State Park (2020)

Texas: Traveling to Amarillo (2020)

It may seem like we just traveled from Livingston to Nevada, but we had been there 6 weeks. While we were in Nevada, we spent most of our time looking for contract jobs. Sitting in Texas while not being able to visit places (and chronicle them) has run down our savings, so we needed to … Continue reading Texas: Traveling to Amarillo (2020)

Texas: Flowers in bloom (2020)

When we visited Sulphur Springs to see the county courthouse, there were plenty of flowers in bloom around the town square. It was nice to capture the flowers in bloom in a maintained environment, but I also want to capture the flowers in the wild as well. I look forward to capturing the wildflowers next … Continue reading Texas: Flowers in bloom (2020)