Texas: Traveling to Amarillo (2020)

It may seem like we just traveled from Livingston to Nevada, but we had been there 6 weeks. While we were in Nevada, we spent most of our time looking for contract jobs. Sitting in Texas while not being able to visit places (and chronicle them) has run down our savings, so we needed to come up with options. We always knew this might happen, but we didn’t expect a pandemic to be the cause.  🙂 Bob was offered and accepted a job in Amarillo, which will start around mid-July.

Nevada to Vernon

Our view of the RV park from the end of the driveway, showing the row of RVs in the background.

We left our space at the RV park and headed to the end of the driveway to hook up the Jeep, where the road was flatter and less covered with mud. That’s when we ran into a problem. Once we hooked up, the emergency lights should have been flashing on the Jeep, because they were flashing on the RV. No such luck. We tried everything, including checking the voltage with a multimeter. This is when Bob was glad that the road was not covered in mud.

When we exhausted every avenue, we realized that we needed to get moving if we were going to reach Vernon. We drove to a truck stop, where we looked for a cable – they had all sorts of cables but not the one we needed. I drove the Jeep to an auto parts store. No luck there either. However, the store employee told me of a trailer company about 8 miles away that might have what we need, so I drove there. Guess the trailer company didn’t like that site – there was a parking lot but no buildings. I looked around, saw another auto parts store, and decided it was worth a try. Success! The only catch is that the cable and the adapter on the end had to be put together. We are still driving separately, so we arrange to meet up at a safety rest area to eat lunch. Bob tried to put the cable together, but after a half-hour of fiddling, decided that the cable could wait until the evening.

We drove separately to Vernon, arriving three hours later than we had planned. The RV park was basic, but clean. The only weird thing is that the picnic table seemed to be shared between our site and the site to our right.

Bob worked on and finished the cable that night, but we waited until the morning to check it out.

Vernon to Amarillo

Success! The new cable worked. Instead of driving separately, we hooked up the Jeep and headed to Amarillo. It was a nice drive, and seemed to fly by much faster than driving by myself.

The RV space with a picnic table – laundry, shower, and restroom building in the background.
If you look closely, we have our Texas license plate on the RV. First time on the road since getting our plates – Arizona does not provide or require a front plate.
This is a close up of the laundry, shower, and restroom building. Pretty convenient location.

Next in Amarillo

We could have waited another week to head to Amarillo, as our lease was through June 30, but we were ready to leave. Plus it gives us some time to look around for a more permanent location. We have been looking for lots and/or land that we could set up for our RV as a permanent home base that we can visit when not on the road. We’ll be at this RV park for a bit while we check out surrounding areas. While Bob is working, I’ll be working on photography, videography, and graphic design projects.


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