Texas: We moved the RV (2020)

We landed at our last RV spot on March 9. For most of the last two months, we’ve been cooped up inside the RV except for picking up mail and picking up curbside groceries. We’ve also been struggling with cel phone reception and Internet. As we looked at our budget and upcoming expenses, it was clear we’d need to be somewhere with better reception and better park wifi. We chose an RV park on the outskirts of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, near Lake Lavon.

One last look at Livingston

We paid our electric bill and headed out of Livingston, but we made one stop first. As part of the vehicle registration process, we needed a state inspection for the RV. Since a state inspection facility was on the frontage road by the freeway we needed to take, we headed there. It took about 5-7 minutes for the entire process, and now our paperwork is ready for the county tax assessor’s office, whenever it opens.

Our new home near Lake Lavon

We had to balance our needs and budget. RV parks with excellent cel phone reception don’t always have good park wifi. A lot of RV parks will state up front that their wifi is only suitable for email and web browsing. That wouldn’t work for us. We called several RV parks, and finally found one with an upgraded wifi system, that also had good (but not excellent) cel phone reception. After two months with little to no cel phone reception, it’s much better now.

This RV park has about 30 sites with concrete pads. Our RV is a little long for the pad, but the concrete area meant for vehicle parking helped us out.

We’ll probably end up parking the Jeep at a 45 degree angle to keep it on the concrete.

We have a farm behind our RV spot. We’re going to enjoy the sunsets here.

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