Texas: Sunsets in Amarillo (2020)

The last two nights in Amarillo have provided some pretty spectacular sunsets.

Saharan Dust Storm

The Saharan dust storm swept through the panhandle area of Texas on Friday, June 26.

We saw this while walking around the RV park, so we knew we had to go capture it closer.
By the time we were getting to the end of the row, the sunset was really lighting up the dust in the sky.

In the time it took us to walk out of the RV park and across the road, the light changed.

The sun was going down, but there were still some amazing colors.
A closer look at the sunset from across the road.

We went back to our RV after this shot.


The dust continued to linger around on Saturday, June 27. While not as spectacularly colorful as the previous night, the clouds added the drama.

I captured more of the field in this one.
Less of the field but more of the sky and those amazing clouds.

We’ll have plenty of these amazing sunsets here in Amarillo, but it was worth capturing from the roadside.

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