Texas: Roadside wildflowers

Since we didn’t find the fields of wildflowers we were looking for in or around Fredericksburg, we decided to hunt down roadside wildflowers.

Note, all photos in this post were taken with the Jeep parked safely off the road in marked parking areas. We didn’t intrude on private property or park our Jeep on dry roadside grasses.


The bluebonnet photos were taken at a gravel pulloff area and a historical marker parking area (Oxford Cemetery).

Bluebonnets with the road in the distance.
Bluebonnets looking up a hill with a road on the right side.
Bluebonnets for as far as the eye can see.

Redbud tree

The Texas Redbud shrubs were found at the Oxford Cemetery historical marker.

Texas Redbud shrub blooms.
A closer look at the Texas redbud blooms, with a bee on a bloom.

While I’m happy with these photos, I still want to get some photos that are in a field. All of the publicly accessible flowers we saw yesterday were still just bunches here and there.

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