Texas: Upgrading the RV over the holiday

With a three day weekend, we decided to do a small upgrade project: upgrading the TV mounts.

What it looked like before

The framing over the driver’s side bedroom window. It turns out that the old TV mount was fixed to the outward facing frame.
This is the outward facing mount with the old mount drilled into the back. You can see the back of the TV ports visible.

The in between

Pieces of the old metal mount were used to fix the new TV mount to the frame.
Side view of the new TV mount.

What it looks like now

Bob measured the distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the frame.
What it looks like now with the TV installed.

The strap hanging down from behind the TV allows us to unlock it from the mounted and locked position when the RV is not in motion. Since this TV mount had the original TV from our RV purchase, we also decided to update the TV to a full HD TV.

We also upgraded the kitchen TV mount. Have you upgraded the TVs or mounts in your RV?

2 thoughts on “Texas: Upgrading the RV over the holiday

  1. Hey … nice job !! You guys are geniuses : )
    Update: Since you guys left Oasis RV last fall … I got my wheel bearings replaced, new tire covers … and had a brake controller installed on my Tacoma.
    Two weeks ago I left Oasis for good and pulled the Scamp successfully to Mustang Oklahoma. I am checking on my house.
    Are you still at the same RV park in Rockport? Do you like it ?
    I would like to install a small TV mount in the Scamp … thanks for sharing how you did it …

  2. Jodi – we’re now down in Brownsville for the winter Texan months (until the end of March). We left Rockport in February for the town of Elgin, E/SE of Austin (near Bastrop). We’ve only been in Brownsville for two weeks. We got tired of non-stop 100 degree days, and while we loved our RV park, they didn’t have a pool or anyway to cool off.

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