Texas: Checking out Boca Chica Beach

We’ve been in Brownsville for almost two weeks, but today was our first time checking out Boca Chica Beach. It is actually part of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge, the eight-mile beach at Boca Chica fronts tidal salt flats, mangrove marshes, and clay dunes called lomas. It is the southernmost beach and the southernmost point in Texas.

SpaceX Starbase

Bob recorded a lot of video from different publicly accessible locations, but the heat and humidity curtailed a lot of activity. Since we’ll be in Brownsville through the winter, we have plenty of time to go back and visit. I’ll link to some video when he’s done processing.

In the meantime, this is one of the best locations on the beach for viewing the starship.

Sand dune with what appears to be a starship and scaffolding in the background.
The starship is visible in the back behind the scaffolding.

Beachy clouds

Today was a perfect day for blue skies and puffy white clouds.

Looking this direction, the beach extends to the Brazos Santiago Pass, the channel between Brazos Island and Padre Island.
Looking towards the entrance to Boca Chica Beach, you can visibly see the starship area with the scaffolding.
But hey, you don’t come to the beach just to view the starship. Here’s the waves coming in on the beach with a lot of tire tracks on the sand.

You can drive on Boca Chica Beach with street legal vehicles, but there are no ATVs or off-roading vehicles allowed, since this is technically still a national wildlife refuge.

Bob and his camera at work at the back of the Jeep.
One last beach photo before we left.

We’re looking forward to going back many times over the next few months – I hope you don’t get tired of seeing photos and video of Boca Chica Beach! Have you visited this area of Texas?


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