Texas: The moment has arrived…

At long last, it is time to upgrade my iPhone. I’ve been using an iPhone Xs Max since it was released in 2018. It still works well as a phone and as a camera, but the battery life after 4 years sucks.

I’ve been waiting for the new Apple announcement to see just how many of those iPhone rumors were true. I plan on getting an iPhone 14 Pro Max in the Deep Purple color.


Part of the fun with a new phone is getting some new accessories.

Since I use my iPhone for photography, first I’ll get a few new items from the Moment shop.

  • I have several of their lenses, but they require using the Moment phone case.
  • They’ve got a cool new clear filter that snaps on the phone case to protect the camera lenses, even with a Moment lens mount.
  • Eventually, I’ll get the Smallrig phone cage, but for now I’ll use my universal phone mount. This mount is part of the All-in-one video kit I purchased for my birthday.
  • I will also get a Zagg screen protector – they may be a little more expensive, but they are worth the cost. I still have my original uncracked screen on my iPhone Xs Max, after 4 years.

That will get me started for now.

Because we’re at an RV park for a while, I’ll have Apple send it directly to me or pick it up at the Verizon store. Not sure which option yet, but the orders start at 7 a.m. on Friday.

How often do you upgrade your phone? Are you planning on getting a new iPhone?

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