Oregon: Oneonta Gorge (2013)

Along the Historic Columbia River highway, there’s a waterfall that doesn’t see a lot of traffic. The Oneonta Falls is behind large rocks and logjams, so it takes someone willing to go in waist deep water. And probably someone without super expensive and fragile camera equipment. While we won’t clamber over rocks and logs, there’s plenty of landscape and details to keep me happy.

Oneonta Gorge

This is far as we went. Beyond this point is more difficult without the proper shoes and gear.
Moss covered rock.
Lichen covering a tree branch.

Tunnel and bridge

In the limited parking area, the bridge and tunnel are pretty cool. Note that the tunnel is currently closed due to the human caused wildfire in late 2017 (the wood interior burned up).

Paved road on the bridge to the tunnel. The bridge railing is to the right.
The wood interior of the Oneonta Gorge tunnel.

I’m looking forward to going back when they’ve opened up the tunnel again. I didn’t get a chance to visit Oneonta Gorge while we were in the Portland area in 2019.

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