Arizona: Cave Creek, Carefree, and Bartlett Lake (2014)

We moved from Oregon to Arizona in 2014. A week after we arrived, we met up with some local Google Plus photographers for a photowalk in Cave Creek, Carefree, and Bartlett Lake.

Cave Creek

Since we’d never been to Cave Creek before, we walked around town before meeting up with everyone else. There are some pretty unique sights in Cave Creek.

This was one of the bigger bars on the main drag.
This simple cross and bell caught my eye.
One of the local stores had a wall full of these kinds of signs.
I don’t drink Miller Lite, but I liked how the banner was strung up like lights.


From Cave Creek, we headed to Carefree and checked out the sundial and surrounding area.

A beautiful barrel cactus.
Loved the arc of the water on this fountain.

Bartlett Lake

From Carefree, we headed to Bartlett Lake, which is part of the Tonto National Forest. We headed towards the Yellow Cliffs area, which had some amazing scenery.

Look at, but don’t touch, this cholla cactus.
I love details.
I found this pretty flower.
A dead and hollowed out cholla cactus.

From this trip, I took one of my most requested photos – every year, at least one print of my saguaro photo sells through Vivyx Printing. I’m showing it here in color.


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