Oregon: Columbia River Gorge

We looked at the weather and decided this would be a good day to visit the Columbia River Gorge scenic areas. Some of our favorite areas in Oregon are in the Gorge.

Multnomah Falls

For some reason, we though it would be less crowded than it was. The parking lot was not full when we arrived at 10 a.m., but by the time we left, we had parking vultures waiting for our spot.

We spent less time here than we expected, and we’ll need to go back when it isn’t a holiday weekend. And probably early in the morning too, before most people are out and about.  🙂

The lower portion of Multnomah Falls.
The splash at the bottom of the lower falls.

WA State Route 14

From Multnomah Falls, we headed east towards White Salmon, and went over the toll bridge to Bingen, WA and State Route 14. We headed towards Maryhill, but stopped a couple of times along the way.

The Columbia River from the Washington side, at the Chamberlain Lake rest area.

We didn’t get to stay very long at this rest area, because the rain just dumped on us. We continued down State Route 14, and drove away from the rain. Then we found this overlook right about milepost 201 at Wishram.

Looking east towards the Columbia River from Wishram.

Stonehenge War Memorial

My favorite place on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge is the Stonehenge War Memorial. Sam Hill, founder of the Maryhill Museum of Art, created a full-scale replica of the original Stonehenge in the UK. Also on the site is the Klickitat County Veterans’ Memorial.

The Klickitat County Veterans’ Memorial at the Stonehenge War Memorial in Maryhill, WA.
The Stonehenge War Memorial in Maryhill, WA.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather we had in the Gorge, except for that downpour, so I took many photos with blue skies and puffy white clouds.

Clouds in blue skies looking towards the east.

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    Great post and fantastic photos, especially Multnomah falls, it’s one of the places I would love to visit one day 😀

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