2019: My #10 photo from 2019

A popular thing to do at the end of the year on Instagram is to post a “Top Nine” image generated by the Top Nine app.

Instead of doing 9 photos, I’m changing it up and making it my top 10 photos.

I’ll highlight one photo per day, and give a little more backstory about the photo.

Photo #10

The backstory

This photo was inĀ Oregon: Columbia River Gorge and was a hit on Instagram. I actually ended up getting this picture twice, once on my iPhone XS Max, and once on my DSLR, on two separate visits. The first time, we arrived at Multnomah Falls, and it was a bit too late. It was hard to get the shots I wanted with my DSLR due to the crowds. But I managed to “snap” this image with my iPhone, applied a filter in Instagram, and the likes came rolling in. Especially on Facebook.

Now to the reason I needed a second visit. I was asked by a conference manager if he could license the use of this image for conference promotion. Knowing that this image wasn’t good enough for printing, I went back out to Multnomah Falls a second time by myself. I planned my arrival to beat the crowds and was able to recapture the image in high resolution on my DSLR.

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