2019: My #5 photo from 2019

As mentioned previously, I’m counting down my top 10 photos from Instagram in 2019. Here’s #5!

Photo #5

The backstory

Just when you thought I had run out of Oregon photos, there’s one more! This is Mt Hood from Trillium Lake. While living in the Portland area, we never successfully made it to Trillium Lake to get clear Mt Hood photos. We tried multiple times, but every time we’d get to the Mt Hood area, the clouds would roll in. This year, I carefully watched the weather and we got an early start. We arrived early enough to get this amazing reflection with wispy clouds. See, I’m not against clouds…just “so thick you can’t see Mt Hood” clouds.  😀

This photo was one of my “bucket list” photos to achieve. The 1983 Mt Hood Festival of Jazz poster inspired this image:

The story behind the poster is that they got the piano situated, took one photo, and then the piano sank into the lake. Ooops. After 1983, they found a way to incorporate a piano via shadows into the yearly poster, but never again a real one.  🙂

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