A black cat intently looking at the camera, while a tortoiseshell tabby looks on in the background. Photo is in black and white.

Texas: We have two new family members

After losing Cleo in February 2022, we knew that we'd adopt again when the time felt right. This time, we were going to make sure we adopted siblings or a bonded pair, because we do not have the space in an RV to gently introduce two unfamiliar cats to each other. We reached out to … Continue reading Texas: We have two new family members

Texas: Another RV family member passes

We knew it was coming, but it still came as a shock. Cleo crossed over to the rainbow bridge on Wednesday, 2/16/2022 - joining both Murphy and Willow. It's excruciating to lose a family member, whether it is animal or human. Cleo was definitely a part of our family. We picked up Cleo from the … Continue reading Texas: Another RV family member passes

Texas: Losing a member of our RV family

When we set out on our full-time journey in April 2019, there were four of us in the RV: two humans and two cats. Willow, our ginger tabby, was 17. Cleo, our Bombay mix, was 14.5. When we came back to the Phoenix area in November 2019, our veterinarian told us that Willow was in … Continue reading Texas: Losing a member of our RV family

Texas: Willow the cat

Every once in a while, I post about our cats. Willow is our now 18 year old tabby cat. Back in November, Willow was diagnosed with the beginning stages of kidney failure, also known as chronic renal failure (CRF). As two of our previous cats have also passed away due to CRF, this was not … Continue reading Texas: Willow the cat

Arizona: Quartzsite to Mesa

Yesterday, after more than 3 months mostly dry camping, we moved from Quartzsite to Mesa. We'll be in the area until the end of the month, at a Thousand Trails RV resort in Mesa. Our last morning in Quartzsite We had plenty of time to make sure we were ready to go, so leaving Quartzsite … Continue reading Arizona: Quartzsite to Mesa

New Mexico: RV life with senior cats

Anyone who knows us knows how much we love our cats. While they have adapted to RV living, they much prefer the days we are not traveling. They get very close on travel days. WillowWillow is 17 years old and mostly sleeps all day. She can get very vocal when she wants something. She doesn't … Continue reading New Mexico: RV life with senior cats