Texas: We have two new family members

After losing Cleo in February 2022, we knew that we’d adopt again when the time felt right. This time, we were going to make sure we adopted siblings or a bonded pair, because we do not have the space in an RV to gently introduce two unfamiliar cats to each other. We reached out to the local shelter while in the Mission, TX area, asking to be notified if they had bonded pairs or siblings we could adopt, and finally got a call.

Our first meeting

On Saturday, January 21, 2023, we did a meet and greet with two foster kittens at the local animal shelter. Kale and Gritz had been with foster who handles kittens, and when we met up, she let us know that Kale was super shy. However, she thought Kale might warm up given a day or two.

A man holding an all black kitten and smiling.
Bob holding “Gritz” in the kitten room.
Time for a nose boop from Gritz.
Gritz is ready to leave the kitten room (there were cats and kittens on the other side of the door).
As you can see, Gritz was definitely not shy. Luna is hiding in the back of the transport box.

The first week

Once we decided that we’d adopt both kittens, we did all the paperwork and promised to take them to a local vet facility to get spayed. They were too young to be spayed by the animal shelter at 10 weeks. They were only 2.5 lbs each.

The first thing we did was change their names. Kale became Luna, and Gritz became Loki. Yes, they are both female kittens, but Loki fits her personality.

We discovered that first week that there were a lot of places our older, senior cats had never attempted to go that kittens just love. Here’s just one of those spots. 🙂

Yeah, there’s a horn on that steering wheel. They set it off once that first week by using it as a launching pad to the dash.

More fun places to hide or sleep

As they got bigger, they were finding different places to rest or sleep.

You didn’t want to sleep on this pillow, did you?
Clearly, Loki found the armrest on Bob’s chair quite comfy.
This seems like the perfect place for a nap while the human is on a video conference call.
Wherever you’re going, you’re going to take me with you, right?

Kitten fun

We’re not sure which kitten did the damage, but we suspect it was Loki, egged on by Luna.
Loki thinking she is going to be offered the toilet paper roll again.
Luna says it wasn’t her that shredded the toilet paper roll. 🙂
Fun attacking the red dot laser.

Loki curling up on humans

Loki loves to curl up on both of us. She would just plop herself wherever she wanted on a human, and expect that we would hold her safely in whatever position she chose.

Bob made the mistake of sliding down in this chair, and Loki just curled up while he was in that position.
You didn’t need that hand to type, did you?
My first day on my new job, Loki decided she needed to be present for some of my mandatory onboarding sessions.
I’m very comfy here – you’re not going to move anytime soon, are you?

Luna prefers to supervise

Luna watching the human read on the bed from a pillow.
Luna watching me work from underneath my primary monitor, which is on a monitor mount.
Luna decided that I’d had too much computer time.
Luna blocking me from seeing Benedict Cumberbatch in the video on the iPad.

The video I was trying to watch was this one: Benedict Cumberbatch reads a hilarious letter of apology to a hotel

More random cat photos

Luna likes to cuddle up to Bob when he’s sleeping or napping.
Luna is probably yawning, but it looks a lot more sinister than that.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Luna figured out how to get inside the pet heating pad cover.
Loki decided that Luna’s butt was the perfect place to rest her head.


You’ll notice in that last photo that both Loki and Luna have shaved bellies. We did keep our promise to have both of them spayed, and the fur is growing back just fine.

Kittenhood is going fast

Loki and Luna are now 6 months old and growing fast. We’ll keep you updated on their progress and hilarious antics.

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