Texas: Another RV family member passes

We knew it was coming, but it still came as a shock. Cleo crossed over to the rainbow bridge on Wednesday, 2/16/2022 – joining both Murphy and Willow. It’s excruciating to lose a family member, whether it is animal or human. Cleo was definitely a part of our family.

We picked up Cleo from the Oregon Humane Society – but we like to say that SHE chose us. When we took her into a kitty room, she climbed all over me and curled up on my shoulders. She was 3 months old. I like to think that she is in heaven, running around with the zoomies.

Cleo around Thanksgiving, looking out the window in the RV.

Cleo was our special cat. She was the most affectionate cat we had, and was definitely very protective of her humans.

A few photos

Cleo traveling in the RV.
Cleo enjoying the sun spot on the back of the bed in the RV.
This was where Cleo spent a good part of her final remaining months.

Cleo so enjoyed the pet heating pad. We’re still not used to having room at our feet, where the heating pad was located.

Cleo on one of Bob’s books. She was very good at getting attention.

The pain of losing Cleo is still pretty raw and fresh. It’s the first time in 23 years that we have been without a cat in our lives. Our entire “RV life” has been with cats, so it will take a while to adjust to a new normal.

3 thoughts on “Texas: Another RV family member passes

  1. Oh Rachael and Bob I am so sorry about your loss of Cleo. It is heartbreaking but all the fond memories help get through it. I have 3 Oregonian cats and 1 Iowan cat. Jimmy is 18 now and 75% blind. He does pretty well. Take care. Mary Anne

  2. Thank you, Mary Anne. We are hoping that the pain will ease as we move past all the firsts (our first RV trip without her, etcetera). We’ll eventually get cats again, but for now, we’re adjusting to being empty nesters.

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