Texas: More time at the seashore

That’s right. We went to Padre Island National Seashore again. As we finish up our time here in the area for the winter, we’re looking at our list of places to see. This is one of the places that just begs to be visited more than once.


In my previous post , I focused on taking photos and video of the waves. This time, I pulled out the 150-600mm lens and captured birds.

A bird on the seashore with wings extended. Waves crashing against the beach in the background.
A bird on the seashore with wings extended.


Bird with sponge in beak playing in the waves.
A bird hunting and pecking on the sponge he dropped on the beach.
Two birds with the waves crashing against the beach.

The smaller bird kept trying to get the larger bird to leave the area and claim that sponge like object.

A bird protecting his turf.

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