Texas: Visiting Padre Island National Seashore

It has been too long since I posted, but we have started the new year by heading to Padre Island National Seashore.

Padre Island National Seashore separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Laguna Madre, one of a few hypersaline lagoons in the world. The park protects 66 miles of coastline, dunes, prairies, and wind tidal flats teeming with life. It is a safe nesting ground for the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle and a haven for over 380 bird species. It also has a rich history, including the Spanish shipwrecks of 1554.

On the beach

The seashore allows driving on the beach for approximately 60 miles from the South Beach entrance, just past the Malaquite Visitor Center. We drove past the first 2.5 miles, and probably another mile past the 25 mph sign. Once you get past the 5 mile mark, all vehicles MUST be 4WD. The Jeep is 4WD, we just didn’t want to go that far on this visit. Just far enough to get a quiet spot.

A black Jeep Wrangler on the sandy beach, with a person in the distance near the waves.
Our Jeep Wrangler on the beach.

Bob was over near the water getting some waves audio recorded. This was a quiet spot with no other people nearby, so it was perfect for what Bob needed.

Waves crashing

You know I can’t possibly visit a beach without getting photos of waves crashing. I set up both my iPhone Xs Max and my DSLR cameras, and put them close to the beach surface for the best view. These photos are from my iPhone, using my Moment wide lens.

Photo of the waves from a distance.
Wave coming in with foam on the beach – first of three in the sequence.
Wave even closer with foam on the beach – second of three in the sequence.
Yes, the wave did reach and go past the tripod my iPhone Xs Max was on – third of three in the sequence.

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  1. Happy New Year ! Glad you guys are having fun adventures on the Texas coast … so good to hear from you and see your jeep with the “Life is Good’ spare tire cover on the back !!
    : )

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