Texas: Winter Texans in Rockport

After leaving Amarillo, we stopped in Big Spring for the night, then stayed for a week in Kerrville, just outside of San Antonio. It was nice to have a more leisurely drive down to Rockport.

Dutch Bros in San Antonio

Fortunately for me, the first Dutch Bros in San Antonio opened up the week we were there. While I didn’t make it there the first day, we made sure I had a chance to visit before we left.

The sign indicating where to get in line.
A wide angle view to show the double drive thru.
At this point, we were close to being able to drive over to the double drive thru.

The only failure with the double drive thru at this location is that it condenses down to one line as you curve around to the drive thru window.

The Dutch Bros employees enjoyed seeing my Dutch Bros stickers on the Jeep, and my Texas Dutch Bros tumbler – clearly, I was a fan!

Arriving in Rockport

We arrived in Rockport on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

The weather here in Rockport can be interesting, but we see some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Here’s just a few.

Sunrise through the clouds.
The sun trying really hard to break through the clouds.
Sunset at the fishing pier on Salt Lake.

Epic storm clouds

When the cold fronts and storms come through, there can be some cool cloud formations.

Stormy clouds moving along over the RV park.

The beach

But the real reason we came to Rockport for the winter was the beach. We’re 2.5(ish) miles away from the beach, and have an annual pass to visit any time during open hours. Unfortunately, the beach is not public like beaches in Oregon, but it is a nice beach. Our biggest problem with the beach is that nowhere is it made clear that there’s an actual booth we could pay at or get the annual pass from – from their website, the text made it sound like we had to go to the navigation district office to get the pass.

Fishing pier at the Rockport Beach.
A bird flying around as a storm comes in over the beach.

We’re looking forward to exploring more of the Rockport/Fulton area while we are here through March. #visitrockportfulton

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