Arizona: Quartzsite to Mesa

Yesterday, after more than 3 months mostly dry camping, we moved from Quartzsite to Mesa. We’ll be in the area until the end of the month, at a Thousand Trails RV resort in Mesa.

Our last morning in Quartzsite

Look at all that open space around our Jeep and RV.

We had plenty of time to make sure we were ready to go, so leaving Quartzsite took less than 30 minutes.

On the way to Mesa

When we originally started this RV journey in December 2016, we had hopes that our cats would eventually come to enjoy the driving part. No, they really don’t enjoy it. Willow is pretty mellow, but Cleo sticks like glue to Willow while we are driving.

Cleo getting groomed by Willow.

While we do see the cats occasionally grooming each other, we have never seen it while we are traveling. So of course, I got video.  🙂

Settled in at Mesa

While it will be nice to have full hookups for two weeks (water, sewer, and electricity), I can tell that we’re used to being in more wide open spaces. It felt very claustrophobic to get into this RV spot, and apparently we are close to an annual resident that has daily gatherings. We’ll survive, if only because we can now take long showers if we want to. 😀

The “party” neighbor’s friends all park in the empty RV space to the right of our RV in this photo.
All set up, with our nearest neighbor “super close” in comparison to Quartzsite.

We have a lot of items to accomplish while in the area, but we are also looking forward to visiting friends.

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