Arizona: Cloudy and windy in Quartzsite

It is often windy in Quartzsite, but it was a 20+ mph winds day. Our friends Robert and Adriene, from Altar to Altar Ministries, fly two flags on their rig, so I got a little bit of video showing the gusts. We estimate it was probably 25mph when I took this video.

Note, with their permission (they were out running errands and wouldn’t be back for a few hours), we took their flagpole down after this video was taken.

Otherwise, it was also somewhat cloudy, for the first time in several days. It lightly rained for 2 minutes, then stopped.

Our RV and Jeep with the fast moving clouds in the sky.
It’s always amazing to see how the skies can look so clear in another direction.

Just another day in Quartzsite!  🙂

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