Arizona: Super windy in Bullhead City

As we wind down our time on the western side of Arizona, we visited my mother-in-law and brother-in-law in Bullhead City. We’ve been going to Bullhead City approximately once a week since mid-November, but this is one of our second to last visit for a long while.

Super windy

Because of the proximity to the Colorado River and the low elevation, it can get super windy in Bullhead City.


It was a beautiful day, but chilly due to the winds. Take a close look at those palm tree fronds in the distance.

The golf course attached to the RV resort my mother-in-law and brother-in-law live held a fundraising BBQ for better/more golf cart paths.

Golf course

Since we had been to the RV resort multiple times and had never been on the golf course, I took advantage of the opportunity to get some photos.

Golf car(s) and cart(s)

What’s the difference between a golf car and a golf cart? Carts are usually open on the sides, and do not have turn signals or mirrors. Cars usually look like miniature cars, and are enclosed on all sides. Depending on the state and/or municipality you live in, these cars and carts are usually registered vehicles, and have low speed requirements.

Bob drove a golf cart for the first time.

My mother-in-law’s golf cart. Notice our Jeep dwarfing the cart in the background.
Bob was intently focused on driving – he could not get used to the fact there were no side view mirrors or turn signals.
Bob is following my mother-in-law and her friend to the golf course.

And of course, I took video of being a passenger in the golf cart. 🙂

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