Arizona: Dinner and a Phil Vassar concert

When I found out we’d be in the Phoenix area during the later half of February, I was excited because Phil Vassar had announced he’d be doing a short acoustic tour. The final tour date was in Phoenix – two days after we arrive.

We decided it didn’t matter where we sat, we were seeing Phil in concert again. He is an amazing artist and piano man, and I’d happily sit and listen to him jam at the piano, even if he wasn’t singing. He is known as the “country music piano man” and he lives up to the billing.

Dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy

One of our favorite restaurants is Maggiano’s Little Italy. We were first introduced to Maggiano’s in August 2007, while attending my family reunion in Atlanta, GA. I’d try to get to Maggiano’s every chance I could whenever I traveled. When we moved to Arizona 6 years ago, we were happy to see a location in Scottsdale.

Maggiano’s outside on the patio, with the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired tower in the background.

I can tell we’ve been eating smaller meals while boondocking, because tonight’s Fettucine Alfredo dinner was way too much food. Absolutely delicious, but I couldn’t even eat half of it!

Fettucine alfredo.

After our dinner was over, we strolled around the park like area in front of Maggiano’s. This area was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, and contains sculptures by Frank Lloyd Wright protégé Heloise Crista.

Even the bus shelter is designed to fit in with the garden area.

The bus shelter on Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd and Scottsdale Road.

Some more photos from the area.

Musical Instrument Museum

After getting some photos, we headed over the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM). In the 6 years we’ve been Arizona residents, we had never been to the MIM, so this was our first chance to check out the venue.

We picked up the meet and greet wristbands we won through the fan club, and checked out the merchandise table. One autographed poster and press photo later, we headed towards our seats.

We were in the back row, but this is a 300 seat theater, so our seat was still awesome.

Phil Vassar

The last time we saw Phil Vassar in concert, we were at the 2017 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. We met with Phil then too, but it was a very quick photo because we were at the beginning of the line.

Phil playing the harmonica while playing the piano.
The first song he played, before he brought his guitarist on stage.
Singing their hearts out on stage.
Phil singing his heart out while playing, as the guitarist looks at him.
Our meet and greet with Phil and his guitarist.

This was my request, after we’d gotten our photo with Phil by ourselves. The guitarist used my phone to take a selfie of the four of us – good thing he has much longer arms than me!

All in all, it was a great night from start to finish. I can’t wait to see Phil in concert again!

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