Arizona: Downsizing a storage room

I know, it’s been a while since I last posted. We have been downsizing a 10×25 storage room into a 5×10 storage room. This is not an easy process, and pretty much meant that every single night we were so tired and exhausted that we fell asleep long before 10 p.m.

The process

Our days pretty much consisted of this:

  • Arrive at storage room.
  • Set up 10×10 pavilion outside storage room.
  • Move out stuff that was at front of storage room.
  • Open boxes and sort into three piles: trash, donate, or keep.
  • Move “keep” boxes to the smaller storage room.
  • Deal with trash (put in back of room) and donate piles. For the donate boxes, we rented Uhaul vehicles for two days and delivered 5 loads.
  • Move in stuff to front of storage room.
  • Close up storage room.

We didn’t get a picture of the room when we first started, but this is from about halfway.

Yes, this is halfway. We hadn’t yet put up the 10×10 pavilion for the day (bottom right).

Our progress

We arranged through my personal Facebook timeline for pickup of some items. Some friends, who were picking up other items, also generously took our box recycling. We found it might be hard to just drive up and drop off as we had done while dry camping. Most of the Phoenix area landfills require a local utility bill or proof of residence. We probably had about a 6′ high stack of Uhaul and other boxes.

If you look very carefully, you’ll see a stack of collapsed boxes behind this stack of china boxes.

It was extremely painful to let go of some of these items. But I felt a lot better when we could connect the items to someone who could actually use them.


There were several times I stopped for a few moments and posted a memory of another time/place.

The 1999 STC Conference binder of proceedings.
My two Beanie Babies: “Cure” for breast cancer (the pink one) and the Princess Diana (purple with a white rose) one.
This is one of my only vinyl purchases from the 1980s: Charlie Sexton‘s 1985 debut album, Pictures for Pleasure.
The 2003 Mesquite Championship Rodeo was a ticketed/organized event for the 2003 STC Summit in Dallas, TX.

The final 48 hours

As we got closer to the end, I took more photos, so I could visibly see our progress.

Our biggest goal was to clear the shelves, so a local friend could pick them up and haul them away to their own garage.

Definitely full shelves.
Almost done moving random items off the remaining two shelves. If you look closely, there are two disassembled shelving units behind the freestanding ones.
What it looked like after the shelves were gone.
We called 1-800-Got-Junk to haul away the trash.

The end

And this is what our storage room looked like after we were done.

One empty 10×25 storage room.

And now everything we decided to keep is in a 5×10 storage room.


How we managed to cram everything in to a 5×10 storage room: very carefully!  🙂

  • Use the black and yellow plastic storage boxes from Home Depot, specifically the 12 gallon and 17 gallon boxes.
  • Leave bulky doesn’t fit into a box items for last and put them in the front.

The post photo is of our rain delay day – the Phoenix area received an Oregon like rain. It pretty much ensured we could not work on our storage room.

2 thoughts on “Arizona: Downsizing a storage room

  1. ow, this post brought back memories. We emptied our storage unit (6×8) to no unit at all in October 2019. I am sure you feel the accomplishment. We loved the 1-800-junk folks. They were so professional in removing our ‘stuff.’

    1. Once we get settled in Texas, we will come back for the rest. But yes, we feel accomplishment for doing all that, even with a forced rain delay.

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