Arizona: Mesa to Congress

Yes, Congress is in Arizona, just outside of Wickenburg.  🙂

I have a doctor’s appointment in Bullhead City today, but we didn’t want to drive all the way there for such a short stay. We compromised and decided to go halfway, because on Saturday we’ll be heading to Tucson.

Leaving Mesa

As we suspected when we arrived at our spot in Mesa on the 14th, it was interesting trying to get back out of the RV park.

Our Jeep and RV packed and (almost) ready to go. The Jeep has our bikes and a few extras on the cargo basket.
Another view of the Jeep and RV.

There were multiple tight corners, lots of foot, bicycle, and vehicle traffic, and multi point turns. The best way to describe it is by showing the park map with our route.

The park map for Mesa Spirit RV Resort. Our route is in black.

I wish we’d been able to go out the gate closest to our site, but that is locked and not in use. 🙁 That would have been so much easier.

Arriving in Congress

We arrived in Congress at the Escapees North Ranch Rainbow Park. Escapees’ Rainbow Parks are no frills, but are definitely convenient when you’re on a budget.

Our setup in Congress. Bike rack is off the Jeep since we are driving to my appointment.
Nice golden hour light for our site.

We’re hoping for a nice quiet rest here. Being in Mesa was quite noisy after three months of dry camping.

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