New Mexico: RV life with senior cats

Anyone who knows us knows how much we love our cats. While they have adapted to RV living, they much prefer the days we are not traveling. They get very close on travel days.

Resting close together on the road.


Willow is 17 years old and mostly sleeps all day.

She can get very vocal when she wants something. She doesn’t like it when I sleep in because I sleep on the side of the bed she prefers, right next to the window. 🙂

But she also loves the dash area when it is sunny outside.

Every day with Willow is a gift at this age. I am hoping she will be around for a lot longer.


Cleo is 14 years old and still acts like a kitten. She gets the zoomies regularly, but she also likes to sleep.

She also likes the dash – pretty much the same spot as Willow.

We feel very fortunate to have both cats on this journey with us.

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