Texas: Loki and Luna at almost 8 months old

It’s almost the end of June, which means that Loki and Luna are almost 8 months old.

Photos from June 2023

Loki loves to hunt and often sees bugs that neither Bob nor I can see.

The fearless hunter, Loki, looking off in the distance at a bug.
Loki fully extended in what we call the meerkat pose while hunting.

Luna loves to snuggle up against Bob and will take advantage of the opportunity every time Bob sits or lays down on the bed.

A content Luna snuggling up to Bob on the bed.

But wait, there’s more! Luna will also make sure that Bob has company when he is working on his computer or watching TV.

Luna on the arm of Bob’s chair while he is watching TV. And yes, those scratches in the chair are from both Luna and Loki.

We’re so glad we adopted kitten siblings, because they are pretty happy together.

Luna and Loki on the floor of the RV at the foot of the bed.

Photo extra

While Luna prefers snuggling up to Bob, Loki is an equal opportunity snuggler.

Loki snuggled up to Bob. What you can’t see is that her back end is touching me, so she’s a happy kitten because she’s between both of her humans.

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