Road Trip: Rawlins, WY to Portland, OR

Catching up on our road trip after a few days just enjoying the experiences. We spent two days in Rawlins, before heading to Ogden, UT. From Ogden, we stayed in Caldwell, ID on our way to Portland, OR.

Rawlins, WY

After a nice stay in Rawlins, it was time to move on to Ogden, UT.

Ogden, UT

Looking east towards Wyoming from the Utah rest area on I-25.
Looking east towards Wyoming from the Utah rest area focusing on the railroad tracks.
Looking north from the rest area in Utah to the train tracks and mountains.

Once we got settled in at our RV park, we headed for the Ogden River Byway and the Trappers Loop.

We stopped at a pullout on the back side of the Snowbasin ski resort. Beautiful views:

Back side of the Snowbasin ski resort, with snow still on the mountain.
Looking north on UT 167 from the pullout.
Looking south on UT 167 from the pullout.
Our black Jeep Wrangler in the pullout area with blue skies in the distance, looking north.

We had a good evening in Ogden, but it was time to move on towards Idaho.

Caldwell, ID

We usually could plan our trips to avoid most of the rush hour traffic around major metropolitan areas, but we were unlucky in Idaho. We hit Boise and Nampa traffic right at rush hour.

The Welcome to Idaho sign.

Unfortunately, because we arrived so late to the RV park, we didn’t have any time to check out local attractions before sunset.

We headed out the next morning to Burns, OR.

Burns, OR

We arranged time in our schedule to visit one of Bob’s friends in the Burns, OR area. We arrived at our RV park right before check-in, and had a lineup of 4 RVs behind us.

Bob’s friend kept us busy the next day, including a short trip to a friend’s bison ranch.

Photo of the bison herd on the ranch.
A closer look at one of the bison, with several bison in the distance.

It was time to move on to Portland, OR.

Portland, OR

This was the longest portion of our trip in one day, approximately 6-7 hours of driving. We’ll be in the Portland area until roughly June 15, so I’ll update as I have time.

Our Jeep Wrangler in front of our RV, surrounded by trees.

BONUS: Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is my happy place. I really miss being able to drive 1-2 hours to the Pacific Ocean. So our first stop was the Peter Iredale shipwreck at the Fort Stevens State Park in Warrenton, OR.

A view of the Peter Iredale shipwreck from the sand dune by the parking lot.
A closer look at the Peter Iredale shipwreck.
Waves coming in to pound the Peter Iredale shipwreck. Water covers the beach area.

We had some lunch at the McMenamin’s Sandtrap restaurant in Gearhart, before heading to my favorite place on the Oregon Coast, Tolovana Park and Haystack Rock.

Seagull above the beach, while the waves are coming in at Tolovana Park.
A view of Haystack Rock and the Needles from the parking lot at Tolovana Park.
A closer view of Haystack Rock and the Needles from a walk down the beach.

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