Oregon: Warrenton and Cannon Beach

As you know from our last post, Road Trip: Rawlins, WY to Portland, OR, we are in Oregon. On our last day of vacation before Bob headed back to work, we headed for the Oregon Coast. Our thinking was that it would be less crowded than the weekend, and that proved (mostly) true.

Our first destination was Warrenton and Fort Stevens State Park. Within the park is the Peter Iredale shipwreck, a sailing vessel that ran aground in 1906.

When we first arrived at the shipwreck, there weren’t too many people around, so we got plenty of time to take photos and video.

About the time people started showing up in droves, we headed up towards the hill to get a better perspective.

I think we got about a 10 minute reprieve before people started climbing up the hill to see the different perspective. Time for us to wrap it up!

From the shipwreck, we headed towards Cannon Beach and decided to have lunch in Gearhart at the McMenamin’s Sand Trap Pub. Good food and drink, but we were too busy enjoying it to take photos.  🙂

While Cannon Beach is my favorite place on the Oregon Coast, I really wanted to see Haystack Rock from the Tolovana Park wayside over by Mo’s. A bit more traffic than we expected, but we did get some good photos and video from our visit. High tide was going back out, but the waves were still pretty energetic.

Notice any rain in these photos? No? It’s because it was an almost perfect day at the Oregon Coast. Some clouds, a little bit of mist at times, but otherwise pretty perfect. As soon as it was clear that it was going to be a rainy downpour, we packed up our gear and hit the road back towards the Portland Metro area.

It was almost comical watching all the traffic heading *to* the coast, while we were heading away from it. But that is almost every Friday afternoon during the spring and summer – non-stop traffic headed to the coast. Other than one accident, our traffic back was pretty smooth.

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