Road Trip: Golden, CO to Rawlins, WY

It was time to pull up stakes and start heading from Golden, CO. First I had to get a photo of the snow covered Front Range behind the campground.

Snow covered mountains in the background, with vehicles and buildings in the foreground.
The snow covered hills.

Once we got on the road, we decided not to stop until after we had made it past the Denver Metro area traffic. We made it all the way to Fort Collins, and decided to do lunch at the Colorado Welcome Center.

This is a beautiful place to stop. Very RV friendly, with plenty of RV/truck/big rig spots to park. Besides parking, they have two buildings: a restroom facility and a welcome center.

The parking sign, which acknowledges RVs, instead of just trucks.
The Colorado Welcome Center building.
Beautiful horse statue outside of the Colorado Welcome Center building.

We enjoyed talking with the folks manning the welcome center. They were very helpful and pointed out maps that might be useful for future trips to Colorado. Someday, we’ll be back to see more of Colorado, especially the southwest corner. We’ll be using this list of the 100 Best Things to do in Colorado next time we visit.

On the next leg of our trip, we headed for Laramie, which was a good spot to top off the diesel tank and get some propane. 10 days in the Colorado cold meant we were pretty low on propane. When we pulled up to the Love’s truck stop, we were surprised to find two people ready to fill the propane. Turns out a general manager was on site and was getting the rounds of all the duties, so the tire manager was guiding him through the process.

Bob, the tire manager, and the general manager.

Our next stop was at the Wagonhound rest area in the Elk Mountain area. Even though we really didn’t need to stop, the views in the area had us pulling in and getting out our cameras.

My camera on a tripod, aimed at the fence line and snow against the blue sky backdrop.
Bob looking at the back of his camera while shading his eyes.
A view of the rest area from the walkway near the fence line.

From the rest area, it was another hour to Rawlins. We arrived shortly after 6 p.m. and got set up to stay until Sunday. Tomorrow, we’re going to check out the Continental Divide Trail and some other local attractions.

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