Colorado: Lookout Mountain in Golden

Once we arrived in Golden, CO, we needed to explore our surroundings. It’s a beautiful area here, and the road trip detailed in going with the flow was worth the trip.

A photographer I met through my involvement with Project 52 Pro lives just outside the Denver metro area. We arranged to meet up this morning at the Higher Grounds Café, then head to Lookout Mountain Park.

Lookout Mountain Nature Preserve sign.

Because our GPS led us astray, we ended up at the Nature Preserve parking lot instead. We walked across the street from where we parked, and headed down the Lookout Mountain trail.

Snow along the Lookout Mountain trail.

Snow was still on the ground from the snowfall on Monday night (we were still in Santa Fe, NM then).

At a certain point, the trail split and we could take the Buffalo Bill trail or continue to walk the switchbacks on the Lookout Mountain trail. Understanding that I may not be as acclimated to the altitude as I think I am, we went on the Buffalo Bill trail, which led us to Lookout Mountain Park (our original destination).

A gazebo with a snow covered roof.

We stopped briefly to get some photos from the lookout there, then headed back on the trail to where we parked.

Let’s just say that the walk back was much slower, as a lot of it was going back uphill. 🙂

We drove back down to Golden via the Lariat Loop Road, which offered a couple of viewpoints looking towards Golden (and Denver in the distance).

Looking forward to exploring more of Golden tomorrow and late next week. In between, I’ll be at the Society for Technical Communication Summit in Denver, CO.


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