Getting to the conference in Denver, CO

Today was a relaxing day after yesterday’s walk on Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO. We ran some errands, relaxed, then packed up my bags for the 12 mile drive to Denver.

Since I’m rooming with a friend for the conference, we decided to do a little lunch in the conference hotel while waiting for her to arrive. I couldn’t help but notice the cool décor. 🙂

Décor at lunch.
Décor at lunch.
Copper piping and painting in the background.

Once my friend arrived, @chasethebluedot left for the RV and the cats. We checked into our room, then met up with another STC colleague who wanted to do dinner.

As we headed towards the chosen dinner location, we noticed a 40 foot blue bear statue looking into the Colorado Convention Center. Turns out this is a local landmark.

The statue was not far from our destination, a joint called Pizza Republica. We each ordered something different and it was all yummy.

Margherita pizza.
Gnocchi with several kinds of cheese.
Wood-fired flatbread.

We enjoyed sitting outside, right next to the fireplace. It was pretty cool!

Fireplace at Pizza Republica. Blue bear statue in far background.

All in all, it was a wonderful day to relax and eat. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s pre-conference workshop on Design Thinking.


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