Colorado: Workshop, friends, food, and downtown in Denver

Now that I’ve finally arrived at the conference hotel, it was time to learn something. I attended the full day pre-conference workshop on Design Thinking, led by Andrea Ames.

But first, I went to Starbucks – me without caffeine is not a pretty sight. It is conveniently located within 2 blocks of the conference hotel.

The welcome sign at Starbucks, with a drawing of the Blue Bear "I See What You Mean" statue.
The welcome sign at Starbucks, with a drawing of the Blue Bear “I See What You Mean” statue.

We hit the ground running in our workshop – we spent most of the time on our feet in front of flipboard paper doing our design thinking exercises.

After our workshop, my STC buddy (Jackie Damrau) and I mingled and socialized with class attendees and other conference attendees, until our stomachs told us it was time for dinner.

We headed to Chili’s on the 16th Street Mall, and passed by an amazing electric fiddle player. He appeared to be having a good time playing.

Fiddle player on the 16th Street Mall.

Once Jackie and I got to Chili’s, we attempted to take a selfie, but one of the wait staff took pity on us.

Jackie D and me at Chili’s.

After we finished our meal, we headed back to the hotel. By this time, it was dark outside, so it was the perfect time to get some nighttime photos.

The 16th Street Mall sign with the light rail passing by in the background.
The center island of the 16th Street Mall with the free MallRide bus going by.
Overhead lighting that caught my eye on Stout St.
It seems every big city has a thriving pedicab industry. Denver is no exception.

I took advantage of the opportunity to get a nighttime photo of the Colorado Convention Center from our room. It is well lit at night and beautiful to see.

The view from our room of the Colorado Convention Center.


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