Road Trip: Pueblo, CO to Golden, CO

Our last leg of the road trip outlined in Going with the flow starts in Pueblo and ends in Golden. This is about 105 miles (roughly a 1 hour, 45 minute drive), but I didn’t reckon on lunch hour traffic and lots of road construction. It was probably closer to 2 hours by the time we arrived.

Because it was such a short distance, we got up a little later this morning. One of our first tasks this morning was to get fuel (diesel) and propane. We were going to get propane from our RV park, but we would have had to make a multi-point turn – going out of the RV park, the propane dispenser was on our passenger side, and our onboard tank is on the driver side.

We ended up going south 4 miles to the nearest Love’s, which allowed us to do both tasks.

Fueling up with diesel at the gas station.

We fueled up and got on the road. We had fog for about the first hour, including while we were going through Colorado Springs.

Fog in the distance on the road, with trees on the side of I-25 North.

With luck and our GPS, we made it to the RV park a few minutes before check in. We were second in line to register, but it was quick and painless.

Here is our spot for the next 9 days:

A side view/angle of the RV park space.

Not bad on space, has a nice concrete pad, and includes a picnic table. Here is a different angle:

A straight on view of the RV park space, with barkdust on either side of a concrete pad.

We got set up and ran some errands for groceries and other things. It is interesting to see the roads around Golden. The streets are not the typical grid in a lot of places.

Traffic map near the RV park.

Golden is pretty peaceful and quiet, at least for now. Tomorrow, we meet up with a photography friend and check out some local attractions.


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