Coming Up: Road Trip to Denver

It’s time for a road trip! On Saturday, April 27, we’re heading from Phoenix, Arizona to Golden, Colorado. Our trip includes time in Flagstaff (Arizona), Bluff (Utah), and Grand Junction (Colorado). I’ll be attending a conference in Denver in early May, so while we do have a deadline, we’ve built in some time to see the sights along the way.

We are especially looking forward to two nights in Bluff, which is located between Moab and Monument Valley. We have not been to either place, and are still undecided on which location is our priority. We did a road trip to Moab in 2012, but it was very brief. Long story short, within hours of our arrival, @chasethebluedot was ambulanced to Grand Junction for gallbladder issues. So we have some unfinished business, but not nearly enough time to see everything. 🙂

Once we arrive in Golden, there are a lot of places to visit. We found a list of the best photo spots in Golden, and visiting the Colorado Railroad Museum is pretty high on our list.

It will be nice to actually spend some time in Colorado that isn’t at an airport (I’ve had layovers at the airport in Denver) or at a hospital (the four walls of a hospital room or hotel room get old real quick).

We’ve booked our RV park stays along the way, and I look forward to staying in some pretty cool locations!

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