Arizona: Desert in bloom

We have been going non-stop with getting ready for our RV travels, and needed to take a break. This morning, we headed over to the Desert Botanical Garden during the member hour (7-8 a.m. on Wednesday and Sundays). It’s a quieter time, with mostly photographers and birders enjoying the minimal crowd. During the hotter times of the year, most visitors show up first thing in the morning, and today was no exception.

I decided to go “light” and only brought my DSLR and my “nifty fifty” – the Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens. No zoom, no long prime lens. I didn’t even bring a tripod. @chasethebluedot  brought his video camera, so you may see a video shortly.

Here are my favorite photos from the day:

We always enjoy going the Desert Botanical Garden. View some of our previous photos and videos in Desert Botanical Garden and Desert Serenity.

The Senita membership, for us, is well worth it. With two people, the membership cost pays for itself in two visits. Plus we have the member hours.

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