Arizona: Textures in Bisbee, Arizona

In 2016, we finally made it to Bisbee, in southern Arizona. We visisted the historic section of Bisbee, after finding a parking spot away from the main area.

A painted brick wall with graffiti style decoration.

While most people take photographs of the buildings from the front, I like to capture the details. Textures always fascinate me, and the brick textures used in Bisbee were plentiful.

Cafe Roka sign on brick wall.

Brick wasn’t always used as the main eye-catching wall – sometimes it was an accent to wood.

Brick pillars with metal double doors.
Brick wall next to green double doors.
Metal stairs with brick walls on the sides.

Sometimes, the signs were pretty high, so they were visible from almost anywhere with a view.

American Legion club sign just below the roof on multi-story building.
Painted on sign on tall building towering over other buildings.

I think one of the reasons I’m so fascinated with the brick in Bisbee is that it is not used very much in the Phoenix area or the area of Oregon we used to live in (except as façade material on homes). It is used quite extensively here in Bisbee, which reminds me of the homes and buildings in Virginia and the East Coast.

When you visit a place like Bisbee, it’s always good to look for the little things, the details that make a place stand out. Sure, get all the traditional shots, but take the time to appreciate the small details.

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