Arizona: Spring Training (2019) – Padres vs Brewers

It was an amazing day for a Spring Training game. Not too hot, a bit cloudy at times, and an occasional breeze. Perfect day to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary!

Gate A at the Peoria Sports Complex
Gate A at the Peoria Sports Complex

Once we got into the stadium, we found our seats and looked around.

Unfortunately, the renovation done to the stadium since last year’s Spring Training game meant that there is now a safety net in front of the seats we chose.

I focused on getting certain aspects of the game. First up, the pitchers:

One of the interesting parts of the game was the fact that one player in particular got a lot of boos every time he came up to the plate: San Diego Padres’ Manny Machado. Apparently, during a 2018 post-season game with the Brewers while he was with the Dodgers, he tangled with one of the Brewers players. Since the Brewers were playing the Padres during this Spring Training game, they booed him every time he was up to bat.

It was fun watching the batters, both right and left handers, warm up and get ready to hit. When the bat connects with the ball, the audible crack can be heard all over the stadium.

When players get a good hit, the running starts.

Things start to get interesting when players try to steal bases. 🙂

And of course, it was always fun to see someone crossing home plate after rounding the bases.

All in all, we had a great time at the game. I’ll leave you with a few “bonus” photos.

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