Arizona: The majestic Grand Canyon at sunset

In March 2018, we headed to Flagstaff to get solar panels installed on the top of our RV. When we scheduled our time, we ended up with almost a full day to do nothing. Instead of doing nothing, we headed up to the Grand Canyon so I could capture some sunset photos.

Instead of heading to Williams, we took Interstate 17 northbound to Hwy 89 to 64, also known as the Desert View Drive.

Our first stop was the Indian Watchtower at Desert View, which is approximately 20 miles from Grand Canyon Village area.

On the 20 mile drive from the watchtower to the village, we saw elk along the road. The Grand Canyon warns that elk are the most dangerous animal in the park. Please do not approach elk, and view them from at least 100 feet (30 m). A zoom or telephoto lens will keep you the proper distance from the wildlife – read the wildlife alert before taking any photos.

Back end of an elk.
Front view of an elk.

We visited the Grand Canyon Visitor Center for a bit and made some purchases, but then it was time to head to Mohave Point for sunset.

Mohave Point is a popular spot for taking sunset photos, and also offers a view of the Colorado River. I staked out my spot with my tripod against the railing, and pretty much had people three deep behind me by the time the golden hour and sunset arrived.

A closer look at the canyon with the setting sun reflecting.
A wide angle view of the breadth of the Grand Canyon.
Mohave Point looking to the east.
A closer look at the cliff to the east of Mohave Point.
Spectacular canyon valleys bathed in golden hour hues.

There is so much we haven’t seen at the Grand Canyon. We’ll go back time and again, at varying times of the day and season, to get different perspectives.

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