Arizona: Spring Training in 2018

As we are currently in Spring Training time in Arizona, I thought I’d throw it back to last year, when my company took their annual outing to a game.

We saw the Chicago Cubs versus the San Diego Padres, on March 13, 2018. I had just purchased my Sigma 100-400mm lens the week before, so it was a good time to test out the zoom.


MBL umpires walking down the baseline to start the game.

Once the game started, I tried to catch some of the action.

Baseball player touching home plate.
Cubs player looking to steal 2nd base.
Cubs player at the end of a swing.
Padres player crossing home plate.
Padres player after swinging (and missing) at the ball.
Cubs player heading for first base.
Padres player tagging first base as Cubs player runs to base.

It was really fun trying to capture the pitchers winding up and throwing.

Cubs pitcher getting ready to throw.
Padres pitcher getting ready to throw.

Of course, we had to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in the 7th inning!

The lyrics to Take Me Out to the Ballgame on the scoreboard.

This year, we’ll be attending the Padres versus Brewers game at Peoria Stadium on March 20, 2019. Look for those pictures after the game!

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