Maryland: Trip to Fort McHenry (2011)

In August 2011, Bob and I flew back to Baltimore, MD for my family reunion. Previous family reunions had been held in the Atlanta area, but my grandmother was too frail for a long trip in a car or a plane.

One of the reunion days, we headed to the Inner Harbor area and Fort McHenry.

Inner Harbor area

I’ve been to Baltimore many times, but Inner Harbor is always an interesting experience. For this particular day, we did not check out the USS Constellation, but I’ve gone on another trip.

The USS Constellation.

Water taxi views

We took a water taxi from the Inner Harbor to Fort McHenry and back. I love trying to capture photos while on a moving boat, it’s always a learning experience.

Fort McHenry

We were able to see the firing of the cannon while at Fort McHenry. Francis Scott Key composed the Star Spangled Banner about the defense of the fort during the Battle of Baltimore in September, 1814.

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