Florida: Sunset on the Gulf Coast (2018)

In May, 2018, I attended the Society for Technical Communication Summit conference in Orlando, Florida. As usual, I arrived a day early. This time, my conference buddy and I planned to drive to the Gulf coast of Florida so I could get a bucket list photo.

When we previously visited Orlando in 2013, we had visited Clearwater Beach to get sunset photos, but the weather didn’t cooperate. 🙁 This time, I was determined. 🙂

Initially, it looked like I was going to be rained out again. Clouds and rain rolled in, so we went to have dinner. We sat close to a window in the restaurant, so I could easily the weather on the beach. Lucky me, even though some clouds stuck around, the rain passed through. Clouds add drama to sunset photos, so I’m okay with that.

These photos show the progression of the sun going down.

Once I was done getting my sunset photos, I turned around. This was the result. Amazing cotton candy clouds from the sunset.

Landscape photography bucket list item achieved! Check.  🙂

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