Wisconsin: Milwaukee sights (2015)

In June 2015, my then employer held a week long training at the company headquarters in Milwaukee. I arrived on Monday afternoon, and headed back home on Thursday night. The next day, I was flying out from the Phoenix airport to Columbus, Ohio for the STC Summit. I brought my camera with me in case I had any time to get photos.

Street photography

I had some time the day I arrived to get some street photos before dinner. I walked around the hotel area and down towards the Harley Davidson Museum. I didn’t have time to actually visit the museum, but purchased a couple of items for friends from the gift store.


Lakefront Brewery

On Tuesday night, we went to a restaurant close to work. On Wednesday night, we traveled a bit further to the Lakefront Brewery, where they had arranged a brewery tour. Of course, the camera came in handy.  😀

I hope to someday get back to Milwaukee, so I can do the tourist thing instead of the work thing. I have an invite from my former manager to drop by any time – and we might just do that.

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