Washington, D.C.: National Harbor and National Mall memorials (2017)

In May 2017, I headed to the National Harbor area to attend the STC Summit conference. My conference buddy and I always arrive one day early so we can do the tourist thing. We got up early enough to wander around the streets near the National Harbor Carousel. The only people on the streets were those into their businesses before opening for the day.

National Harbor

Technically, National Harbor is on the Maryland side of the Potomac River. 🙂

The Carousel from the path down towards the harbor.
The LED sign for the National Harbor.
This was the National Harbor sign near the entrance to the greenspace area, which had a lot of statues of famous persons like former President Eisenhower, Frederick Douglass, and others.
This artwork is called the Awakening – five large pieces of statuary buried to look like a giant in distress trying to get up.

Once we toured around, we headed on the Alexandria – National Harbor water taxi from Potomac Riverboat Company to the National Mall area. We bought a round trip fare so we could just hop back on at the other end when we were done.

National Mall

Both of us had been to D.C. and the National Mall areas before, but there were a couple of new memorials to see: the MLK memorial and the WWII memorial.

I had to be patient, but eventually people stopped taking selfies in front of MLK long enough for me to get a photo.
On the side of the MLK statue is the carving of this quote: “Out of the mountain of despair, A stone of hope”
The D.C. War Memorial, dedicated to the 26,000 D.C. area citizens who served in World War I.
The famous quote from FDR about Pearl Harbor at the World War II memorial.
There is a pillar for each state and territory.

I didn’t get nearly enough time at the World War II memorial, since we were on a timeline. I’ll need to go back sometime to take it all in.

View from the World War II Memorial to the Washington Monument.
Looking at the Lincoln memorial from the opposite end of the reflecting pool.
View of the Washington Monument from the Lincoln memorial.
The centerpiece of the Lincoln memorial.
The Korean War memorial.
This wall is at the end of the Korean War memorial.

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  1. Awesome photos. As the conference buddy that went on this journey, it’s always interesting to see Rachel’s photos afterwards as she adds tidbits of information from the experiences we shared.

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