Arizona: Traveling on 89a (2014)

On Saturday during Memorial Day weekend in 2014, we traveled to Montezuma Castle National Monument & Sunset Crater National Monument. On Sunday, we traveled to Jerome and Prescott.

Jerome State Historic Park

Some of the best views of Jerome are from the historic state park, so we ventured there.

Distant view of the Jerome copper mines. There was haze from a forest fire in that direction.

From the road leading to Jerome, there is a great view of the historic state park.


Jerome was a once thriving town of over 10,000 people, due to the copper mines. The current population is between 400-500 people. While there is some interesting scenery, I didn’t feel inspired to photograph much in the town.

Watson Lake

We continued traveling on 89a to reach Watson Lake, near the Granite Dells in Prescott. If I recall correctly, it was roughly $3 to park at the time. There were lots of folks walking over the rocks and piloting kayaks in the lake.

Watson Lake is a beautiful place, no matter what time of year. If we’re back in the Prescott area again, we’ll make sure to go. It’s very popular in the summer months because the temperatures are lower than the Phoenix area.

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