Texas: Austin (2011)

In November 2011, we went to Austin to attend the LavaCon conference and added a few vacation days afterwards.

State Capitol

We visited the state capitol and I believe it was mostly empty. I’m a pretty patient photographer, but I didn’t have to wait too long for places to clear to get some images. These images are how I originally processed the photos, and are a bit more “gritty” than I do now.

The capitol building floor from the 2nd floor rotunda.
The capital dome from the main floor looking up.


On another day, we visited Gruene, near New Braunfels. The Gruene Hall is a well-known venue for all kinds of live music performers, and is where George Strait got his start.

I asked permission to take this photo inside of Gruene Hall. We weren’t able to stay for a performance, as we arrived during the late morning time.
Lone Star Music caters to Texas musicians. While you might see a couple of big names in the racks, they stock a lot of Texas music. I asked for some recommendations, and walked out with several CDs.

We hope to get back to Gruene this year and see a performance or two.


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